Architecture: The building project 'Untitled Proposal for a Mid-Terrace Building' has now been completed, view from the street at 276 Bethnal Green Road and 9 Voss Street, London

Architecture: "Untitled Project for a Minor Siedlung' is currently under construction. View from the street at 30 Upminster Road South, Rainham, London

Architecture: 'Project for a Mid-Terrace Three Storey Roof Extension' has now been completed. View from the street at 1A Mentmore Terrace, Hackney, London

Artists' Book: Marmalade to launch re:print by editors Veronique Chance and Duncan Ganley at Bookartbookshop 6.30-8.30 pm, 17 Pitfield Street, London, 08.06.18

Artists' Book: 'The Day Of The Duck' by Helen Stratford and Lawrence Bradby, is due to be launched in Ely late November 2108 and the Royal Institute of British Architects in January 2019

Artists Book: Marmalade to publish a fictional novella by Stacia Saint Owens, spring 2019

Artists' Book: Marmalade to publish a work of drawing theory by Joe Graham, spring 2019

Artists' Book: Marmalade to publish a work of drawing theory by John Snijders, spring 2019

Recent Archive

Artists' Film: Filmarmalade to publish works on DVD by Sarah Wood, Sasha Litvintseva and Isabel Mallet, spring 2018
Artists' Film: 'Splitting Rocks' collaborative artists film work with Sasha Litvintseva and Isabel Mallet
Art Magazine: Marmalade to collaborate on a one off edition of the spring edition of 'Sluice Artists-Run Projects' with Christian Küsters and Sluice__,to be launched at Studio 1.1, London, spring 2017
Screening: Filmarmalade 10 year anniversary season of 27 artists' film and videos, Close-Up Cinema 07.09.17 - 26.10.17
Artists' Book: Marmalade to launched 'Whitenoise' by artists Rossella Emanuele and Greig Burgoyne at the Royal Institute of British Architects, summer 2017
Architecture: The building project 'Untitled Proposal for an End of Terrace Building' has been completed, view from the street at 49 Raven Row, London
Graphic Score: 'Between Resonance' to be exhibited at the Centre For New Music, San Francisco, 10.11.16 - 04.01.17
Text: 'A Moment of Exception', a short essay on the implications of Brexit for Artists Newsletter online
Art Fair: 'Reverse Notation for Eights Hands', drawing and print, The Manchester Contemporary, presented by IMT Gallery London [22–25.09.16]
Marmalade Book Launch: Anchor edited by Joe Graham, Royal Institute of British Architects, 09.02.16
Filmarmalade Screening:Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Close-Up Film Centre, London, 03.03.16
Filmarmalade Screening: Let Me Feel Your Finger First, Close-Up Film Centre, London, 03.04.16
Filmarmalade Screening: Sasha Litvintseva, Close-Up Film Centre, London, 05.05.16
Filmarmalade Screening: Miranda Pennell, Close-Up Film Centre, London, 02.06.16
Filmarmalade screening: 'Things To Come', Luciano Zubillaga, Sluice 2015, Oxo Tower, London, 15.10.15
Filmarmalade performance: 'Ongilash', Luis Zubillaga with the London College of Music Camerata and the English Chamber Orchestra Ensemble, Sluice 2015, Oxo Tower, London, 15.10.15
Archive: Saint Martins school of art, British Artists' Film & Video Study Collection have established a publicly accessible archive of all Filmarmalade published works
Publication: 'Spine' in, ‘Atlas’, edited by Jean–Baptiste Joly, Edition Solitude, Stuttgart, March, 2015
Publication: '| |' and 'Brush Drawing', in, the Journal of Visual Art Practice, edited by Andrew Hewish, spring, 2015
Solo Show: Project For An Unidentified Political Object, IMT Gallery, London, 04.04. – 10.05.15
Residency: with artist Will Peck, Centre For Recent Drawing, London, 01–31.01.15
Text Installation: 'Lineatures', with Christian Küsters, 35 Marylebone Road, London, 2012-15
Publication: 'Atlas', in, 'Soundwords' blog, curated by Salomé Voegelin, 08.08.14 –
Publication: 'Outline' [working title], New artist book work edited by Joe Graham, Autumn 2015
Publication: 'Please Watch Ur You Head', New artist book work by Idit Nathan, January 2015
Solo Show: Heaven's Gate, IMT Gallery, London, 17.10 – 15.11.14
Laura Palookaville Records Launch: 'This is a game called ‘Hello, hello, here is X.X.’', Long Player vinyl record by Mark Jackson and Roger Clarke, IMT Gallery, London, 08.11.14
Filmarmalade screening: The Modern Language Experiment, IMT Gallery, London, 07.08.14
Laura Palookaville Records established, publishers of sound art and acoustic detritus, London, 01.08.14
Filmarmalade screening: Pil & Galia Kollectiv, IMT Gallery, London, 08.05.14
Filmarmalade DVD launch: 'Art Tarts, Phantoms and Ingenious Strategies for Improved Worker Productivity', Arnolfini, Bristol [08.03.14]
Filmarmalade exhibition and screening: 'My First Retrospective (one day only…)', Beth Fox, IMT Gallery, London, 06.03.14
Publication: 'My new green dress had a Dinosaur on the front wearing pink plastic glasses', editor Gordon Shrigley, Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory, London, 01.06.13
Publication: 'World Series', in, What is an Art Book?, Volume 2, Modern Language Experiment, London [01.10.13]
Art Fair: Sluice, London, 19–21.10.13
Art Fair: Manchester Contemporary, 26–19.09.13
Solo show: 'The Milky Way', Centre for Contemporary Art Sacramento, California, 13.08 - 25.09.13
Sound Work: 'Why, Oh Why, Can't I?', Urban Encounters, Modern Language Experiment, Resonance FM, 08.10 - 10.10.13
Group show: 'Attachment', IMT Gallery, London, 14.03.13
Art fair: IMT Gallery at 'Art 13', London, 01.03.13
Filmarmalade screening: 'An Alien Cartography', Luciano Zubillaga, IMT Gallery, London, 06.12.12
Filmarmalade DVD launch: Let Me Feel Your Finger First, James Lowne and Maia Conran, BFI, London, 02.12.12
Lecture: 'On Drawing, Film and Architecture', Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland, 15.11.12
Group show: 'A Working trace', Centre For Recent Drawing, London, 07.11.12 - 17.11.12
Filmarmalade screening: a selection of Filmarmalade published works to be screened at the Bienal De La Imagen en Movimiento, Buenos Aires, 01.11.12
Publication: 'Ship's Log', in, Sluice 1 artists publication, Hanmi Gallery, London, 24.10.12
Writing performance: 'What's ##### with the Art Book Fair', with Rui Cepeda, Whitechapel Art Gallery, 22.09.12
Filmarmalade screening: 'Remake', Adam Roberts, IMT Gallery, London, 05.07.12
Filmarmalade screening: 'Oro Dulce', Francisca Benitez, IMT Gallery, London, 06.09.12
Group show: Monaco 5 launch, Royal College of Art library, London, 23.06.12
Photographic essay, 'Campaign', in, Monaco 5, published by Katie Guggenheim, London, 23.06.12
Text, 'Rue Des Martyrs', in, In Cold Blood, drawings by studio 14, School of Architecture, University of Westminster, 14.06.12
Filmarmalade screening: 'Why Colonel Bunny was Killed', Miranda Pennell, IMT Gallery, London, 07.06.12
Group show: 'Anschlüssel London/Berlin', Centre For Recent Drawing, London, 18.01.12–10.03.12
Group show: 'Collectible', Zeitgeist Arts Projects, London, 17.04.12 - 28.04.12
Filmarmalade exhibition: 'Animated Drawing', Kristian De La Riva, Alexander Schellow and Miranda Whall, Centre For Recent Drawing, London, 16.11.11–16.12.11
Solo show: 'Love is colder than death', IMT gallery, London, 03.11.11–03.12.11
Group show: 'Anschlüssel London/Berlin', Fruehsorge Contemporary Drawings, Berlin, 9.9.11–17.12.11
Filmarmalade presents Lehrstücke, Objet petit a and The Great Game: Mirza/Butler, Miranda Pennell and Adam Roberts, NFT3, BFI Southbank, London, 01.12.11
Filmarmalade screening: 'An interview with, project', Gordon Shrigley, Sluice Art Fair, London, 15–16.10.11
Writing performance: 'What's wrong with the art book fair?', Artists' Book Weekend, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, 24.09.11
Filmarmalade screening: 'Do We Have To Play This Game?' and 'Cut', Kristian De La Riva and Emily Russell,  IMT Gallery, London, 25.08.11
Text: By Dint Of A Coarse Inscription, in, Thomas Muller Monograph, Edited by Andrew Hewish and Published by The Centre For Recent Drawing, London. Launch: X Marks the Bökship, London, 07.07.11
Text reading: IMT Gallery at Banner Repeater, London, 08.07.11
Filmarmalade screening: Music for a Missing Film, Luciano Zubillaga, IMT Gallery, London, 14.07.11
Drawing: in, Monaco 3, Edited by Katie Guggenheim, London. Launch: Banner Repeater, 24.06.11
Text: Motion 1, in, Monaco 2.5, Edited by Katie Guggenheim,
Filmarmalade screening: Versus, Aukje Dekker,  IMT Gallery, London, 26.05.11
Marmalade book launch: In Love With Planets - Thrown Over The Edge, Dominique Lämmli, IMT Gallery, London, 16.04.11
Filmarmalade screening: By The Grace of God, Ralitza Petrova,  IMT Gallery, London, 14.04.11
Filmarmalade screening: Filmarmalade presents Assemblers, Poseurs, Slappers, Cutters and a Gorbals Kiss, Artprojx Cinema, SVA Theater, The Armory Show, NYC, 1-6.03.11
Filmarmalade screening: Samuel and I, Simon and I and Ladybirds, Miranda Whall, IMT Gallery, London, 04.11.10
Filmarmalade screening: New DVD Series with works by Ralitza Petrova, Kristian De La Riva, Emily Russell, Luciano Zubillaga and Aukje Dekker, BFI, London, 03.10.10
Filmarmalade screening: UK Premier of Two Sunrises and World Premier of An Academic Question, Jenny Stark, IMT Gallery, London, 05.08.10
Filmarmalade screening: The Exception and the Rule, Mirza/Butler,  IMT Gallery, 15.04.10
Filmarmalade screening: World premier of White Shoe Station, Sara Preibsch, IMT Gallery, London, 17.12.09
Marmalade book launch: Mechanical Operations in Cambourne, Helen Stratford, ICA, London, 19.11.09
Filmarmalade screening: World premier of Stiletto, Adam Roberts, IMT Gallery, London, 12.11.09
Filmarmalade screening: UK premier of Invitation to a Peaceful City, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park, IMT Gallery, London, 13.08.09
Filmarmalade screening: UK premier of Preemptive Disappearance, Francisca Benitez, IMT Gallery, London, 02.07.09
Filmarmalade screening: Filmarmalade presents Lil Joe’s, 9/11, Porn, Yanks and Murder…, BFI, London, 27.06.09