Brush Drawings

During my stay at Jenny Starks house in Sacramento, I reread an essay by Joan Didion on how the Western imaginary came to shift from a desire to explore and acquire new lands to the exploration and narrative potential of cinematic space, which Didion suggested was a direct result of the moment when the founding Mothers and Fathers of California arrived at the shores of the Pacific.

Simply the Pacific admitted no entry to land dwellers, so causing the Western Project to turn from looking outwards to the geographic unknown to looking within, to the simultaneous space of the picture plane, as exemplified by 20th century cinema and more recently the digital death machine and its various ersatz speculations.

With such thoughts in mind, I bought the paper for these drawings at Target, a 24 hour superstore on the outskirts of the small town called Davis, as the format of the paper is almost 10 x 8 inches, a standard size for photographic paper.

For an audio interview with Prof. Jenny Stark, Sacramento 2012, click here