Marker Drawings

Distinctions, which inaugurate thought as difference, are “impressed” upon within and, lastly, perhaps, may finally constitute this spectre. So instantiating a spatiality to thought, a distancing, a between-ness, between the “what” of what it is to be conscious – of being – a conscious subject, routinely being a conscious subject. This first and last of all thoughts establishes a punctuation, a |.....|ing, as fragile islands of ambivalent repose signify like pulsars, saying not that I bear a secret, but simply “I am dying”.

What does this |.....|, which constitutes by giving a frame to the play of thought, consist of? Is this |.....| a window which allows a view onto yet another |.....|? A portal opening out onto a further arena? Is this window open or closed, unmediated or veiled? And if veiled, by what order does this translucent limit allow passage through by way of an ideal metric grid laced with immaterial points or by an all too human stain? One trajectory, suggestive of the beauty of flight, of an aeronautics of transparency, allows the work of hygiene to germinate as thought passes effortlessly through the open window, unhindered, as “it” passes between the |.....| of the imaginary and its outer limits. The other speaks of a mediated gaze, drawn through either the modality of a technique or an aphasic mourning work, caught within the horrific dream of reason and the always already wounded subject.

As a moment of stillness, an island of repose within a shaking, nervous corporeality, a |.....| then stands upon or next to another preceding/receding |.....|, as each thought which coalesces as [A] |.....| is erased to make way for its successor. As if, a “...palimpsest restored to its pure receptivity”, which through successive deferrals establishes what it is to remember the stain of memory circumventing the forward march of time, which thinks this |.....| as both present and always already absent.