A 20th Century Archive

I started compiling this collection of photographic artifacts around 2010, as I did not at the time have a Family Album and wondered whether I should compile one and what form it could take.

As an institution, and affective site my family have never been a big part of my life. Indeed I come from a line of rather isolated individuals, which when we meet, which is rare, it is clear that we share little apart from the usual gentilities.

Of course this is not strictly true, but not entirely false either.

Thinking therefore about what has influenced me and how the Family Album somehow traditionally reflects the trajectory of ones life, I decided to collect significant moments in photographic form that have contributed to my own autism as both citizen and artist.

What you see here therefore is an ongoing practice, that I add to occasionally, having found many of the artifacts on my various travels around the world and on the internet.

As to what I choose to add and why, in the main I would say that most objects refer however obliquely to major ideological events and ideas played out within the 20th century, to aspects of my art, the various beliefs I have held and subsequently ditched or to particular people, whether writers, artists, thinkers or yes, even, in the end, my own family.

Found object, colour print on paper, 30 x 26 cm, circa 1985. 2011– Found object, sepia print photographic postcard, 10.4 x 15 cm, 2011 – Found object, black and white photograph with typewriter print adhesive paper and ink stamp to rear face, 20.3 x 25.5 cm, 2011 – Found object, 35mm colour feature film trailer, circa 1980. 2011– Found object, stereo Viewmaster colour transparency reel, cardboard, ink. circa 1960. 2011– Found object, stereoscope sepia photographs on cardboard, 8.2 x 17cm, circa 1890. 2011– Found object, black and white photograph, 11.8 x 15.8 cm, circa 1952. 2011–